Why I am Not Worried About Passing the Bar Exam

I am not in the least worried about passing the bar exam.  Not in the slightest, not even a tiny eensie-weensie bit.

That’s because I’m terrified of taking it.

Specifically, I’m terrified that I won’t actually manage to take it.  I’m terrified that I’ll get overwhelmed, have a “meltdown,” lose my shit, go into hysterics.  Call it whatever you want.  The bottom line is, I’m worried that I’ll freak out and decide that I’m too freaked out to take the bar.

I honestly don’t think that passing the bar is that hard.  It’s more of a rite of passage.  Can you study hard for ten weeks?  Can you “keep your head when all around you / Are losing theirs”?  Can you make it through this psychological, emotional, physical marathon?

If I can take the bar, then I can pass the bar.


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